Kirdaar is an Urdu word for character and Kashmakash is an Urdu word for inner struggle or tussle. Kirdaar-e-Kashmakash is a set of 38 cards with characters, real and/or fictitious based on characters of a film, book, mythology or a real-life person. These kirdaars or characters, with their real or fictional life movements, intend to ignite our kashmakash (inner churning); and challenge us to look and meet life in different ways. You might or might not know these characters, it won't affect your game in any way. You are encouraged to read and know more about them.


Who and what are these cards for?

Icebreaker with parents

To bond with siblings

Deepening relationship with friends and family

For intense self-reflection

Can be used to engage with participants at workshops, events, seminars and conferences

Normalizing conversations around body, identities, fears, feelings, and judgements with teen and adults

To have intimae dialogues with your romantic partner

…and facilitate connections between team and colleagues.


What is included?

A deck of 43 cards

A box to keep the cards

A Cotton potli pouch to keep the deck safe


Suggested Age - 16+ years




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