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We are learning consultants and trainers. We provide certified courses, learning programs on-demand and organizational consultations for learners of the future. In a world that feels increasingly complex, with a future that feels increasingly unfamiliar, we promise to hold space for you and your learning needs with our programs designed with diverse-learning pedagogies namely The Self-designed Learning, Nai Taleem, 21st Century Skills, with a combination of some internationally accepted practices of Art of Hosting and Youth Jams.


For us, it is always Learner first. You could be a 15 year old struggling with mathematics, a 25year old discovering her passion, a 37year old refiguring life & work or a 42year old team leader. If you have a learner alive in you, Zariya is already connected to you in spirit. 21st century skills, Learners first, self-designed learning


Our Domain - What we bring to the table? 

Visioning 5.0

We help you build a 5-fold sense to prepare for future – Find the Purpose within; Build Empathy for the present; Harness capacity to look forward; Make interconnections; and Iterative Actions for impact  


We build this with our extensive Visioning 5.0 learning tools as well as a World-renowned board game called the Flow Game. 

We tap into your thrill and adventure of learning through extensive learning simulations, gamified real-life challenges to learn dynamic subjects of money, negotiation, trade, systems-thinking, team-dynamics, human & organizational behavior and communication

Socio-emotional Labs

We will build a strong and safe socio-emotional lab with you to nurture personal well-being, build emotional resourcing capacities and provide you with tools to build mental strength

We know you love to chat in small groups. Most of us thrive in small groups... become they let us be. We give you an opportunity to connect to your tribe, find people and existing networks or rather help you build one where you can feel home and thrive. Networks are indeed the new family.

GamifyiED Learning

Support Networking

Library of Learning Resources

We have an exciting and truckload of learning resources in the form of films, books, reading materials, videos and games to cater to diverse learning needs of your organization. You name it, we will bring it to you. We offer to build a resource library for your learning needs.

Lively Classrooms & Boardrooms

Fun and light-hearted spaces fuel our ownership and productivity and we love to create an environment where liveliness thrives and the group energy blossoms. 

Often neglected as rudimentary, rituals hold the potential to anchor us to our realities, our gifts and challenges. We offer to create, design and host rituals customized to support your group dynamics, decision-making and leadership styles. 

We help you draw parallels to make sense of the dynamic work and life environment. And thus build apt climate for participative leadership & strong feedback loop to develop.

Rituals & Rites of Passage

Systems Thinking Approach

Whom do we work with?

Trainers, Educators & Facilitators


Young adults & Students (14-27years)

Teams and working groups at organizations, companies and learning communities

Team @ Zariya Collective

Rahul Hasija

Rahul Hasija is a writer, Tedx speaker, story-teller and an inter-generational facilitator. He has worked with more than 3000 young learners and young adults and 100’s of parents and educators in the last decade.

He was the lead of program design at Swaraj University for 7 years & has worked with several schools, inter-generational groups and organizations on participative learning & leadership.


He runs Swacardz, an entrepreneurial venture that designs card games and interactive social interfaces for connections and conversations that matter

Know more about Rahul at:


Suyash Saboo

Suyash is a change-maker and trained in mindfulness-based counselling, NVC and theatre of the oppressed. He has worked with school and college students, educators, social workers, human rights defenders, juvenile & adult prison inmates. Through his work, he has gathered finest tools and developed expertise in processes that support people in doing their work with intrinsic motivation and efficiency.

Currently, Suyash is part of national and global teams at YES! Jams, and is one of the earliest Flow Game hosts active in India. he is in the process of launching a conscious dating service for singles and couples which is aimed at nurturing romantic relationships for all.

Know more about Suyash at:

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Organizations we have offered our services to

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